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White protesters starting the looting and rioting during george floyd black lives matter protest

White Protesters Starting Looting and Rioting At George Floyd Protest

RIP George Floyd. Black Lives Matters and Black Americans are fed up with the police brutality and ongoing murdering of our brother and sisters. The silent protesting bs hasn’t been affective since we continue to see unarmed black men and women getting killed at the hands of white police officers. The same people who are supposed to protect and serve us are also killing us. Casually kneeing someone in the neck with your hands in your pocket is a clear indication that you don’t care about that individual. This murder, Officer Derek Chauvin, killed George Floyd and WE, the black community want justice!

For this reason, hundreds and thousands of Americans took to the streets to protest. But one disturbing pattern that I’m seeing is the large number of non-black masked men and women starting the roiting and looting. I’m not saying there aren’t any brothers out there starting ish too, of course they might be a few who are pissed off and fed up with the bs.

But as a whole, the people instigating the destruction to public and private property are these masked white men and women. I love my white fam so yall need to reach out to your cousin Timothy and tell him to chill out! Some white protesters seem to be more interested in causing chaos than speaking up against police brutality. Not only are they causing damage and harm to local businesses and their families, but this is just a bad look for black America since this is supposed to be our time to be heard. We have demands. We want to be heard not hated.

Check out this video. Shout out all of the people who filmed these white masked men and women, or should I say thugs (as trump says), while they were destroying these businesses, police cars, and whatever else they came across.

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