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Racist Charlie Brown Tweet/ Blunt Talk Episode

Did you see the racist Charlie Brown Tweet this weekend? It came out on the official Charlie Brown twitter page. But of course, they quickly removed it once they woke up and posted this apology instead. But the tweet was between Charlie, the main white character in the Charlie Brown cartoon series, and his one black friend, Franklin. Charlie is seen telling Franklin “You’re one of the good ones”.

In Blunt Talk with Mr. Roll It Up Episode 6, I help to explain to my white friends what is wrong with this statement. I also take a jab into a previous racist Charlie Brown moment during Thanksgiving.

To my many white friends who continue to say things like, “get over it” or “here we go again, going crazy over nothing”, please watch. Clearly, you don’t understand what’s wrong or how change happens. Being content and fine with these things that are blatantly wrong will prevent YA’LL from understanding when and why its the case so speaking up is needed.

And nobody is even wilding out over this. I’m just helping to explain why it’s not a good look and keeping on my way like Franklin would do.

Lastly, which I didn’t say in the video. I wonder what Charlie Brown is planning to do this year. Maybe sales slowed down on Charle Brown products or video streams were low, and thought this would stir things up a bit and help make them relevant. Businesses definitely be on that bull. I mean honestly, there’s no way they really thought this was cool… right?

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