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Distrokid 2020 Review No Youtube Money Service For Rap and Hip Hop

Distrokid YouTube Money for Rap and Hip Hop Music/ Blunt Talk Episode

No YouTube Money for Rap and Hip Hop Genres

In the last Blunt Talk Episode, I introduce yall to Distrokid Digital Music Distributor. If you Google search ‘Best Digital Music Distribution’ or ‘Best Digital Music Distributor’ you will almost certainly come across Distrokid on top of the list or article. Or if its a YouTube producer or YouTube rapper, almost everyone is saying to use Distrokid.

But while doing my research I came across a handful of sources that have said otherwise. Specifically, on YouTube, I came across the Pay Us No Mind channel where he put this YouTube Money opt-in issue on blast. I also heard about it in Reddit, but it wasn’t until I saw the Pay Us No Mind video until I actually saw it.

While inside of Distrokid, if you select Hip Hop for your music genre and then scroll down to the Extras section, YouTube Money disappears. But if you change the genre to pretty much anything else and scroll back down the page, you will see the YouTube Money option has reappeared.

YouTube Money for Rap and Hip Hop Artist and Producers

Does Distrokid Collect YouTube earnings for rap and hip hop artists and producers when other people use your song in their videos? The answer, as of today March 2nd, 2020, is NO. They will not collect ad revenue for your rap and hip hop songs. Because of all the sampling that has been done, Distrokid has just decided to remove YouTube Money from these genres altogether. Now I could be wrong about the reason but it definitely makes sense. So if you are a new rapper about to release your music on iTunes or Tidal you should reconsider using Distrokid.

But before we jump the gun about ditching Distrokid let’s evaluate if YouTube Money is even worth it for you. First, what is YouTube Money? As described on Distrokids website, “Get notified & paid if your music is ever used in any YouTube videos. We’ll add this single to YouTube’s Content ID database, and continually scan for matches. When your music is detected in any YouTube video, you’ll be notified and ad revenue will automatically go to you, instead of to the person who uploaded the video”.

And since it is an Extra, it comes with a price tag of $4.95/yr. Plus 20% of YouTube ad revenue from matches they detect. If none of your streams are coming from YouTube content creators and your music is only getting plays on Spotify or iTunes then you shouldn’t be worried about YouTube money. Plus this is one of the only strikes against Distrokid which is why they are still among the best.

Samples or Not, No YouTube Money for Rap and Hip Hop Records

So you need to do your homework and spend time evaluating all of the different digital music distributors out there. In this video, I called out Ave Mcree for saying that the Hip Hop genre provides YouTube Money. You may or may not know Ave, but he has a fairly big and loyal following. So yes, I’m prepared to get attacked by them lol.

Next thing you know he released a video talking about this YouTube Content ID/ Money issue. The problem is that he makes it out as if he was already hip to it. He spins the topic to be about Distrokid clearing your sample for you. That’s part of it but it doesn’t address the concern of a rap song that doesn’t have ANY SAMPLES! Distrokid ain’t paying you that YouTube money kidddd.

During the same video, Ave says, “hopefully we can get that back but we have to start by people like me representing the hip hop community to get yall (in) the right direction. To get yall the right information”. Mind you, prior to my comment, he was saying this isn’t an issue in his other recent videos. Then proceeds to say the video is sponsored by, you guessed it, Distrokid lol. This is all coming from a brother with over 50,000 YouTube subscribers, so you do the math.

Do Your Research

So do your own research. Read articles, blogs, and reviews. Watch multiple videos. Watch Pay Us No Mind, Ave Mcree, Indie Music Academy, and the hundreds of other Youtubers if you want. But just know that some YouTuber’s don’t actually read the fine print or reach out to the company. But this is exactly what I do in this video. I’m hoping to have a response from Distrokid over the next few days about this YouTube Money issue. Distrokid seems to be pretty slow with responding to emails so while we wait to hear back from them, check out Blunt Talk Episode 9!

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