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COVID-19 Researcher Found Dead… NO Media Coverage. Does YouTube Hide Videos?

coronavirus researcher found dead bing liu murdered covid-19 researcher found dead at University of Pittsburgh

Alright my friends, I’m combing two different live Blunt Talk videos with this post since they are both about COVID-19 and how YouTube might be blocking or hiding some videos. First, Bing Liu is a researcher from the University of Pittsburgh who was murdered. He was doing research on COVID-19 aka the Coronavirus, and was on the verge of a very significant breakthrough. He was found dead on Saturday, May 2nd, 2020 with three bullets in his head.

This brings up my second my, why isn’t the media covering this topic? Coronavirus is having such a devastating impact on our country and the world, wouldn’t you think there would actually be some coverage on this?!? Definitely sketchy if you ask me, but maybe it’s just weed. Which brings me to the question about YouTube potentially hiding or blocking some videos. How much do you think YouTube sensors or hides videos? After posting the first video and seeing how little attention it has gained, especially compared to some of my other videos, I started thinking about this. I talk more about it in the blunt talk video below. Check it out.

So what do ya’ll think about the media not covering the murder of Bing Liu? Most media outlets are owned by the same few companies… could they be in on something we don’t know about? Who do you think could have killed Bing Liu, and do you think it was actually random? Maybe he was murdered for money. Maybe Bing Liu was dealing with racism and was targeted for being Chinese. And how much do you think YouTube actively tries to hide or block videos? Let me know down below!

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