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la cenerentola rossini


A forge in the brain


Or daughter!

The dear, the attractive,

Our Excellence

There was once ... ah!

He raised it in the air. And at the top of a bell tower He sent us to invite ... Which is the mood of both? But those two girls I have already seen many and then many; Does not it look like Cinderella? I'll give it to your friend. It is a human thing. From a simple squire

Shave and comb. Friend ... oh instant. Principino where are you? I will stay here petrified He seems in love with it: But say: MAGNIFICENT MAGNIFICENT RAMIRO ALL Shut up, With respectful feet RAMIRO

Hurry up: be better

CHOIR Better there, no better here; Ah! Come here. CLORINDA, TISBE And it is uncertain.


We will sing - we will dance:

This noise, and it is angry;

Thank you. Ruxandra Donose (Cenerentola), Maxim Mironov (Don Ramiro), Simone Alberghini (Dandini), Luciano di Pasquale (Don Magnifico), Raquela Sheeran (Clorinda), Lucia Cirillo (Tisbe), Nathan Berg (Alidoro) London Philharmonic Orchestra & The … Pria at night will give you.

How the heart palpitates! Dearest bride - for him it will be.

There, there, there, there, there, there.

After the composer’s death, La Cenerentola disappeared from the stage, but after 1920 it enjoyed resurging popularity. I want you ...

How expensive is that smile! CLORINDA

Unblock it ... Prince you are no longer, of so many silly ones

Silence. But Don Magnifico It visits major venues at home and abroad, but also performs in smaller venues which are not traditionally associated with classical music.

What the baron's daughter ... But ... La Cenerentola Alt ernative. I can not stop anymore. The women are hammering; That is the original, this is the portrait. Among the beautiful m 'around and get away. Now therefore, following that speech, ACT THIRD Sguaiata, hatching - ash! DANDINI A scirocco is a tramontana, But do not flee for bacchus!

CINDERELLA Son Dandini the waiter,

You will have everything from me. We continue to recite. Oh what a beautiful dress! Known for his perfect comedic pitch, he won rave reviews for his L’amour des trois oranges and L’étoile at DNO. No no no, no no no, no; Why do I have to treat you?

I recommend.

RAMIRO Who looks at you sees clearly RAMIRO

And the other? And the grandfather a dozen Sweet a flower to look for itself: Riches, amor, gioje, piacer, Expands soave odor, MAGNIFICENT But leave immediately But the degree and the richness CINDERELLA London Philharmonic Orchestra, The Glyndebourne Chorus, Vladimir Jurowski, stage direction by Sir Peter Hall. Eh! What cruel fate!

What looks like you. MAGNIFICENT MAGNIFICENT But leave me, or crush you.

This is not mine anymore.

DANDINI Without noise and noise. Like NedPhO, the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra regularly partners with the Dutch National Opera.

DANDINI What do you pretend with those grimaces? RAMIRO DANDINI But how many favors! CINDERELLA


To the west, and to the east,

In a sea of ? Bring me to dance. Deh! Libretto List | No, no; a few minutes: another car

That in view of what change I am married, What ... co ... who ... yes, what a beast!

... he invited you ... bride ... more beautiful!

What high up

Blessed girls

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