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2 ways Trump can Win 2020 Elections if he legalizes cannabis or gives black america reparations Joe Biden will lose

2 Ways Trump Can Win 2020 Election – Cannabis Legalization or Reparations

In my personal opinion, there are 2 things President Trump can do to essentially be guaranteed the 2020 Presidential Elections. Trump is most hated by two communities, the black community, and the cannabis community lol. Yeah, many white people hate him too, but he’s clearly president because of that same group of people.

But when you look into the white community and draw a line between those who hate vs love him, I feel the cannabis smokers hate him. Some of the white cannabis smokers hate him for the same reasons most black people hate him, he’s racist scum that really only cares about personal gain. Then other white cannabis smokers hate him because he hasn’t done anything to help cannabis legalization.

So if Trump wants to be guaranteed a win against Joe Biden, all he has to do is give black America reparations or legalize cannabis. You hear me, President Trump! Maybe I’m high, but I believe if he did either one of these, assuming reparations weren’t some peanuts like the $1200 stimulus checks, that he would crush Joe Biden and democrats. Check out the video to hear my thoughts, and comment down below with yours!

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